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The month of January is known as “divorce month”. Courts all over the country see an uptick in divorce filings in January. But, why do people get divorced in January more than any other month?

Website statistics show an 84% increase in searches related to divorce in January.

The holidays mark a festive period for families, one where memories are made and couples try to rebuild or fix their failing relationships. But while the holidays can be a joyous and happy time for families, they can also represent a turning point for couples who are experiencing problems in their marriages. This period can be full of overwhelming stress, familial tension, and financial burdens – all of which can put even more pressure on already strained relationships. And it is this pressure which can expose flaws in a marriage.

Most couples wait until the holidays are over before starting the divorce process. This could be because they want to protect their children and allow them to enjoy the holidays. It could also be a couple’s last-ditch effort to see if the marriage can work itself out.

In most cases, though, when the holidays are over, couples who tolerated each other during the festive period decide to take the plunge and file for divorce – which is why January sees such a sharp spike in divorce rates.

The arrival of the New Year not only marks the end of the festive season, but it also brings hope for change and fresh beginnings – and in some cases, the end of a marriage. And once the dust from holiday commitments settles, the first change many people look to make is in their marriage. This is just one of the reasons why January is such a popular month for divorce inquiries and filings.